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Friday, January 30, 2015

Jahra Natural Reserve

After 2 weeks of freezing mornings in Kuwait, the weather is again changing to a more comfortable one. And during these climate change from the last two weeks, I have been visiting places known for the birders. Along with my close friends, we have visited Jahra natural reserve area. The place is under the protection of Kuwait Environmental Protection Society and entry is restricted to all.We initially did a preliminary visit on the area and during that time, i managed to take only landscapes shots as we only stayed in the shore. 
It was a very beautiful morning and i am so amazed on the beauty of the area. It is a hidden paradise in Kuwait :) 

For our second attempt, we were more prepared this time. It was low tide that day and since the birds are too far from the shore, we decided to walk through the muddy shore with our boots.

It was very difficult to walk as the mud would really stick to the boots making it super heavy! After few minutes of walking,  we managed  to cross a small stream in the sea!
Finally, we have reached the border of jahra pools reserve and waited for birds to show up. A very tiring and adventurous walk of our lives :P .
From the place we end up is situated between two medium streams, of which the waters are coming from the jahra pool reserve. Sad to say, the whole area is polluted with plastic bottles, bags and all.
This area is a great place for birding. However, it can only be accessed during low tides only. During our stay, it is sad to hear gun shots from some individuals, shooting birds for their hobby! It is highly advisable not to visit the area on high tides as it might be dangerous for anyone. I might not have the best lens for birding but i have enjoyed the trip. It was an amazing place and i am happy with my 70-200 + 2x TC. Below are some of the beautiful birds images i took during the visit.
Spoted eagle
Grey heron
Grey heron on flight
White breasted kingfisher
Corn bunting
White breasted kingfisher give a pose
 Sad to say, i did not take my wide angle lens to capture the natural beauty of that place...
It was still low tide when we cross the stream. But after an hour, the tides went high and the water is already above our knees which makes it more difficult for us to walk :P We experienced a real test for photographers carrying heavy photo gears and walking through the muddy stream. We have been stuck several times but with the help of everyone, we managed to reach back safely. 
More stories will be posted soon! :) wish me luck for more adventures!....

On February 20 th and 27 th i did two more trips to the site 
it was the best ever in that series.. harvested plenty of photographs with my cam, of beautiful birds..
Met the fotogs there with my birder friends
Little crake
Caspian stonechat male
North caspian stone chat female
Purple swamphen
Caspian gull
Isabelline shrike

Caspian stonechat male
in the deep search

White wagtail
Barn swallow
photog in action
Eastern olivacious warbler
Caspian stonechat male
Blue cheeked bee eater(green bee eater)
My ride.. always carry me good....

Isabelline Wheatear