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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lighting Research

I was just trying some light effects at home. with my existing light fixtures. and some back painted glass (one of my friend give me as free.) after i switch off all the lights except the product light .. i feel so happy. so that i am sharing this here.
I made a two walls at my room as a partition with a full 18 mm Laminated MDF sheet. thank god the room height in 245 cm. the MDF panel its coming a maximum size of  244cm. so i tried this way.have many thanks to our company workshop people and the driver who help me to lift this 37 kg large sheet lift through the staircase.the fixing i done with 20x20 mm steel u channel on floor and 30 x30 mm aluminum angle from ceiling. it fits well with those.and two three small angle clips from one side to the wall. the next days job was for me and my wife to do some experiments on that. here u can see the painting we did in the late night. after that my finishing touch with the lights.the top one and bottom one are facing each other. the scenery hang on the top one is one of my morning shots