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Monday, October 29, 2012

Blue Water Beach in kuwait.- Julai'a

 During the Eid holidays me and some of my family friends went to Julai'a resorts area. i have visited several places in Kuwait for photography and for holidays joy. spent some enjoyable time with my friends, in beach.. parks, gardens etc. in julaia there is a beach area, this is one of my favorite beach in Kuwait. i am not sure how long it will exists because if some Kuwaiti buy or rent the beach front, it will end up. its quite far from the Kuwait city area but most of the cases i prefer to visit this beach with my family & friends. that is because there is no so crowd and also calm and quite atmosphere.
the specialty and the attractive side of this beach is a large seascape view with sugar sand and crystal clear water lets say blue water and shallow depth sea around 200 m we can just walk in to the water. of course there is no rock to hurt our legs and we can see through the water. its quiet awesome here. the visitors coming here for mostly for sunbath or tanning..
its a nice location for beach photo shoot. too..
This place is just close to seashell resort in Julai'a.. i think just besides seashell. while we passing through the car we can never believe a beach like this existing my experience i have visited here more than fifteen times with family and friends. one and only problem for bachelors, i have seen a board nearby here ""Bachelors are not Allowed.", but some of them already breaking the rules :P.. if somebody planning to visit here, do at day time, or keep a nice lantern with the other equipments, because, at night here will be so dark. there is no street lights or any.
The long beach
Kids playing silhouette
i've got a nice sunset with clouds.. i took this shot around 200 m from the sea
View from the Sea
Nicely enjoyed that day also ..same like all the Julai'a trip... it gives happiness and refreshments for the crowded mind...

The bad side.
I am so sorry and sad to share this with my readers, the beach seashore, is highly polluted with plastic bags and bottles. and there is no control of throwing these kind of stuffs.
Also there is lots of broken glass bottle pieces,
 so have to take care walk without shoes.[I know one group called K's Path .. i believe one day the will do their beach clean up service here.. no more expectations for the expat peoples.]. so its my kind request to the readers, please don't dispose your things after your enjoyment.. because you have to come again.. :D

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Hareesh. said...

great..good to know u had some fun time during this long weekend.