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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kuwait Motocross 2013-14

Kuwait Motocross 2013-2014

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon! A great day to begin the rally season! Today i will be sharing another motocross event I witnessed recently. This isn't my first time covering such event but I can still feel the excitement just by thinking of it. 

We reached the track field around 12:20 in the afternoon to attend the photographer's meeting which was new to me. This time, we were briefed on the allowed spots for photographers and some do's and don'ts during the race. However, since the lecture was in arabic and most of the photographers cannot really comprehend, it just turned out to be a "hear and throw lecture". It was an awesome sight to see the field full of bikers and photographers everywhere.  I was surprised to see the race track with hundreds of photographers covering the event. :P

Starting point

The event was held on the same place last year near the 6th ring road. I have been there previously and so the place was easy to find for me. (Link here
                                                     The great start of the race..

The whole event was superb and action-packed! (a biker with his bike, during the race flew over me by the way :P)
During the previous events I've already tried panning (Link here) on my shots, and so this time I tried shooting in multi-exposure to catch more action photos.  
Below are some of my shots:

The idea of doing a multi exposure shot is quite simple; First of all we need at least a monopod or a tripod to stabilize the camera. Having a wide angle lens will be a lot better to capture the full ground. (Apparently, i dont have that :( ... so i used telephoto lens and shoot from approximately 80 meters away.) You have to set your camera to a continuous fastest shooting mode possible. Lastly, you may now select the rider or the subject, study the bikers movement and shoot.. (Based on my experience, I had better image results shooting in manual focus and so I would highly recommend focusing your cameras manually)

You can now post process your images in photoshop. (The process is actually called digital blending.) Below are more of my processed shots.

My other action shots during the rally


It was awesome to see the field full of bikers and photographers everywhere. Thanks to for providing us updates and schedules of the competition. It was a very exciting and action-packed event over-all. I have met new indian photographers from the track. It's also good to see and bond with my old photography friends (I'm not saying you guys are old, but... ahm.. :P) Happy New year Everyone! :D :D :D