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Friday, July 13, 2012

Old Amiri Hospital Kuwait

The hospital was built in 1949 to be the first government owned hospital. Before that there was only the US missionary hospital and small clinics run by doctors in their own houses. The original hospital building was closed in the 1970s after the opening of the new modern building.
 It is  Kuwait's unique architecture at that time. Looking at the photos you will notice the quality of the various elements. This building is left ignored after the invasion in 1990 where parts of the building were burnt and destroyed.
ceiling view burned by the war time
Despite the scary look of the building, many photographers and artists tend to go there to capture moments of that place. It is time for authorities to take action and to invest in saving the building so that it can become another one of Kuwait’s landmarks.
The hospital is located near the Tijariya tower and the  garden. close to first ring road.

Some of our activities for photo shoot
Some of our activities for photo shoot

location map.....
Some of our special effects


some quotes by the visitors...(ghosts..huh..!!)
The corridor...
always my friday photo shoot team helps me to have nice travel along kuwait, to see and feel new places, to capture nice moments....thanks Sandeep, Manoj, Angelito, Sudarshan & Prem.


Hareesh. said...

Great write up and awesome shots.. I would like to associate with u guys for weekend photo shoots.. please do let me know if you get a chance next time.
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Outstanding images and nice read. Keep Shooting

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