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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From Birth Certificate to Civil ID.

Many people having trouble to do the ministry procedures for their new born i hope these guidance will help all expats living in kuwait.

Before start any procedure better collect the following details.
1) father civil id and copy
2)mother civil id and copy
3)marriage certificate (can be prepared the paper attested from the embassy and stamped behind from the ministry of foreign affairs- its 5 KD stamp.) and copies of that.

A copy costs 50 fills outside and u can copy from your offices. so have more than two copy's all that i prefer. because don't be trouble with copies when you are in a Que.

Here i quote the new born from sabah hospital

1) After 2 days of the discharge from the hospital, (it may take up to 10 days). go with fathers civil id to the counter located in the main entrance of the maternity hospital there is one counter on left side, show the civil id , the ladies will give you a pink colored paper.

2) if the address in salmiya area, the next step is to go to the ministry of birth- newborn. it is located in midan hawally, near the traffic department office, behind the police station. more clearly - there is a masjid. just in between the masjid and NBK bank.
be sure you should have a printed paper with your newborn name  in English and Arabic.
submit the pink colored paper what you got from the hospital, with marriage certificate and the name printed paper (all copies. be sure marriage date mentioned on the affidavit.) they will check the papers and give you date after one week or something...wait for that date..
 after one week they will issue the birth certificate and the medical card (for the vaccinations).
check all the info quoted are correct or not.
directly go to the ministry of foreign affairs located behind KUNA near shuwaikh citycenter, stick 5 KD stamp behind and attest it. 

The next step is applying a new passport.

For passport fill the appropriate form available from the embassy approved passport issuing center (better not to collect the forms from the local typing centers.)  and return it with - 
1) Father passport copy
2) Mother passport copy
3) Birth certificate copy

also need to show the originals.

(the birth certificate they will take from us for the embassy attestation. that will return on delivery of passport.)

Total charge is 18.00 KD. 

in 5 days you will receive the passport unless if there any public holidays.

The next step is to pay the insurancefor the kids it is 31 kd per year. i pay the insurance , the office located next to mubarak al kabeer hospital besides 4th ring and road 30  intersection. if you use the speedy service it is possible on the upstairs with extra 3 kd payment. the documents needed for that is,
1) Father Civil ID copy
1) Mother Civil ID copy
1) Birth certificate  copy

after receive the payment slip need to take signature from the authorized person sitting down (another counter)

now make the papers for residence (iqama) have all the copies of documents at least two.
go to the residence office (jawazat) follow the the instructions. be in que and need to pay 100 KD to the cashier for the first time residence. with one year. each extra year need to stick 10 KD stamp.
have Passport size photo with blue background. 

Don't forget to keep the passports and civil IDs of Father & Mother.

after the residence procedure finish, 

apply for the civil ID in PACI located in janoob surra.
before going there you should fill the envelop available from the Co Op. for the civil ID purposes , neatly and also collect the blood group mentioned paper from your local clinic.

hand over the documents to the PACI HQ person and wait for two days.

try from phone 1889988 after 2 pm check the status. if the civil ID is ready go with 2 KD and collect it from the mentioned machine.


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