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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Camel Racing club -Kabad

I was searching for a long time to see a live camel race. go through all the web, and the other bloggers list and posts, couldn't,t found 'much more information's where and when the race will take place.
A journey to the track
There is no correct telephone number available to call and check the races.only i have got some previous experience from one of my favorite blogger  parimita . helped me lots  to get the location of the kabad camel racing track. got the information about the races will start on October onwards.
this friday me and my some fotog friends (Manoj& Kiran) planned to visit there to get the correct information for us , weather there race or not. we decide, if there is nothing, just shoot some desert sand..
Here is the link for the location route map. route map 
 Reached there around 5:45 in the morning got surprized because they were practicing for the upcoming Saturdays race.
and also got nice morning silhouette. satisfied alott because of the silhouettes, that were never expected. 
i don't mind the reflection of my filters glare...
one of my fotog capturing a silhouette
one of my fotog capturing a silhouette
the man with a Desert ship
Practice makes victory
On the way.. camel hospital
we went near the track and saw several jockeys were practicing their riders... check with the personnel in the front gate, about the races and timings. The races will be held on every Saturdays after 1:00 PM  race starts exactly 2:00 PM. and same schedule is there every year unless there is no obstructions, starting from October. collected required information's and finished that days shot with some nice and silhouettes returned with a great hope of rejoining for a race day on upcoming Saturdays.
Only one thing i missed from there on that journey. we search a lott about camel breeding center. but couldn't find on location.. Google map shows but we dint found... :(

Updates on 17-11-2012
the pavilion and office from entrance
Saturday. the race day... decided the trip to the club.
this time went with fotog - Manoj, Unni krishnan, Binu and saleem.
reached there around 3:00. when we reach there 4 laps are over. the rest is for that day is 3. we ride the two suv's like mad.. besides the race track... it was awesome.. and find a spot for photography. 
fotog for the day...
racing camels with media
the race begin. camels on one track, media in another track and the jockeys in 3rd track

radio robot controlled camel can see a small robot jockey..

 our car got stuck in the desert.. live the car there and run towards the track to capture... thank god.. got some nice shots for the day...
had lots of fun that day....when the race finish..decided to visit again  with my absented fotogs..


PARIMITA said...

Thnx for referring my blog.

Must say greatttt photos.Hope to see more of them often.

Hareesh. said...

Again love the shots..stunning.
and thanks for the info will try n visit some day :)

Magic Hands said...

thanks @ Parimita.

Tahnks @Hareesh...
Ill make a ring when im planning anyway...

Unknown said...

Hi Magic Hands,
Thanks for the details.
Where exactly we can stand and shoot the race? middle of media track and jockeys track? or is there any other tower kind of setup for that?

by the way, those morning silhouette shoots were cool!

Magic Hands said...

hai Bobin Michael thanks for the visit...
if you are a fotog you can freely place in the middle of media and jockeys track. but take care the jockeys eyes are always on camels.. not on the track...
if you are a normal race enthusiast u can sit in the pavilion (air conditioned gallery)and watch the whole track.

Unknown said...

yup,certainly my intention is to take some gud snaps of the camel race. in fact i never did it before.
will see how its going to work out.

You are welcome to check out my photography page.