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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Doha port Ships Grave yard

Thanks Audrea Greig to arrange a fabulous photo shoot trip to Doha port , where the ships grave yard. We reached there evening to have some nice shots with the ships.
we hope to get nice sun set from there but the day was little dusty that's why we loss that. but it wont affect our gathering over there.. there is lots to capture..

I met several photo walk friends there. and some of my old mates also. had a nice conversation with my Lovable Guide Kyle Stanley and Audrea. Also met there Manoj, David, Angelito, Firosh, and more....

Thanks Kyle to bring models for the modeling shoot.. and helped me to have a nice photo using his light meter.

We hav got another surprise from Audrea,  that she've got engaged.

had fun shooting with the reflections.

Route map

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kuwait Photo walk 2012

It was the first photo walk i attended in my life.

As usual.. wake up early morning headed to the salmiya scientific center area to meet the guys.oh god there are several photo freaks before me....i 've reached before introduction. met some old mates who i met on the race track. and kyle stanley,  johney dao professionals... made a good connection through fotographers. the walk begin from the scientific center and end up near kuwait towers. due to heavy head ache i stop my day after the green island shoot.
She' s Elena. good lady had a nice moment with her. this was the first fotoshoot for her also. but she dint had any struggles for posing infront of several fotographers.

Ofcourse this was a group photo shoot but still everyone had time to let her pose each individuals.

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She is the second model and this frame i used golden reflector to have little gold light reflect on her face. thanks Audrea Greig bring and hold the reflector.

This was my idea to have a sexy shot. she did it very nice...

I think she is not familiar in love with leaves.... i tried to make an Indian emotion but full emotion wont came on her face