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Friday, June 29, 2012

Lizards in kuwait

this was a long wish for all my friends who were photo freaks capture some nice shots of lizards (Uromastyx aegyptia microlepis), locally known as Dhubs. Shy Creatures. me manoj, sandeep , sudarshan and kiran.... different people... single thought,, photography...
as like the all photography travel around Kuwait on Friday mornings....the idea was started from manoj.... after that we all accepted to go on Friday. i was afraid to go for a long journey because my wife was expecting those days....we left from home around 4:30 am... and reach the place at 5:20 am...on the way we got some desert rats here

because of summer.. sun had started his hot rays to us.... and we loitering on the desert sand.. for searching lizards....the time was so early.. we were mistaken.. finally after 8:00 am the started to come out... one.. two... three... coming out one by one.... we have got understand... lizards are coming out by after 9:00 am...finally we got some awesome shots... lack of time congestion we decided to visit another day... with late time and free mind...... and stop photo hunt on that day...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Q8 Expatriates Photo Club Formation

The Q8 EPC formation & Fashion photography  workshop held on 27th June 2012 at historical vintage classic cars museum at shuwaikh. the club formation was arranged by Mr. Adil javed, and team (Haroon hashmi, Anas javaid.) in the moment there were 30 members were attended because the formation day were fixed for 30 members only. the club formation were announced through their Facebook page.LINK

Group members in front of the cars museum

dress issues...
Quick dress make up...
at the moment ms. Audrea was our host . she is an award winner make up artist from USA. she describes the tips and tricks for a modelling photography. had lots of idea about modelling photography.and had a chance to  redeem the connection between the fellow photog.

What do i do with this??...
Hair spray tricks
Head of Committees, Mr. Mustafa presenting the appreciation certificate. Along with him is Mr. Fadel, Head of Library and Photography department— with Audrea Gregg.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Star Trail & Light paint workshop By Q8 Expats photography club

Foto By Adil Javed
The first Star trail and Light paint Photography workshop held on 22nd friday eve at umm al aish kuwait. By Q8 Expats Photography club.

we gathered around 30 people at umm al aish kuwait  around 6 pm till 10:30 pm.
from that event we captured star trail , light paint etc....Map here

The attendees on the event

A special thanks to mr. Adil Javed to arrenge the event and guide us to capture the whole idea about star traill. here can see every attendees skills on FB
Thanks Adil javed for organizing such a nice event

Sandeep with Kyle Stanley


With Kyle stanley

Thanks Adil javed to bring and use the steel wool trick to make the event as superb!.. and did a dangerous play with the fire......for the members.

Did anyone see the flash streak?? on light painting foto...
max maximum??...

The event was fantastic and had a great chance to meet several skilled photographers. and photo enthusiasts.with sharing lots of ideas.
With Kiran Mitra at the first meeting point
With Haroon Hashmi

Acid Rain
The Jumper

Fire spit...

The Fire rain
wire mesh

The Black circle

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Star Trail Photography workshop

The Q8 expats photography club, Photographers brotherhood and the members arranging the star trail photography workshop at umm al aishh - kuwait. along with the members from JPEG kuwait group and the weekenders group. im so glad to invite to you all the photographic freaks who would like to have a wonderful gathering with  this event.
as per Adil javed, one of our event organizer' s comment , who ever is joining should be prepared with the
Gear: Below are the mentioned gears you will require to get the best results.
2. A sturdy tripod
3. Cable release/intervalometer
4. Extra batteries
5. High capacity memory card
6. Torch/Lights/Flash (for light painting)

 meeting place: 
All of us are to be gathered at "The Sultan Center" besides "McDonald" AL-rai (opposite of the cars showrooms) at 4:30PM. We will wait for everybody for half an hour. Finally we will depart to the final location at 5:00PM.(on friday 22 2012)

For joining this event please visit to the page : STAR TRAIL

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Light paint experiment 1st session

Light paint
This evening i decided to make some camera tricks. so finally i reached to the trick light painting.. i read from several articles and blogs also from the videos i got certain idea about that. came home after the office hours stay some time with my wife and daughter . then i take my black seamless cloth to make a black background.and set the camera opposite call Jenna with her fire lights what people use for the Indian festivals. first i set the shutter speed 10Sec at f11, then 30 Sec at f16, and 25 sec f22... wow all works gr8..
one thing i found from this at the end f22 i had cleared the reflection of lights illuminating from Jenna.
Here is the results

Monday, June 11, 2012

Donate blood

Do your part...donate

As you are reading this, a child in hospital is receiving a blood transfusion. A girl is learning how to smile again, as she recovers from leukaemia. In another ward, an old man is being treated for severe burns.

hey all rely on blood donation from healthy people like you…

You could be investing in your own future as well as saving someone’s life, Because who knows if you or one of your friends or family will need a blood transfusion one day? God forbid.

Who can become a donor?
Practically anyone, as long as you’re over 18, under 60 and in good health.

What blood groups are needed?
All groups, especially the most common which we can never have enough of.

Where can I give blood?
The main collection facility is Central Blood Bank in Jabriya, as well as its four fixed satellite branches distributed in different areas in Kuwait, Amiri Hospital, Adan hospital, Jahra hospital and the Red Crescent Society.

How long does it take?
The donation actually takes ten to fifteen minutes, but the whole process, takes about thirty five minutes from registration to the end of the rest period.

How is it done?
There are three steps:

1. First Step
We must first make sure you are fit enough to give blood, and that giving blood will cause you no harm. We also have to make sure your blood will be safe for the patient who’ll receive it. That is why we will check your blood and ask you to complete a health questionnaire with the help of one of our doctors or nurses.

2. The Questionnaire
After a few quick questions, a registered health care professional, -a doctor or a nurse will  ask about your health. Your answers will be treated in the strictest confidence. They are routine enquiries which must be made for all volunteers before their donation is accepted.

If you don’t qualify as a donor this time, we will explain why and give you all the advice you need. If you do qualify we will ask you to sign that you are happy for us to test your blood later in the laboratory, the test will tell us your blood group and will screen for any infection that may be transmitted in blood such as hepatitis viruses (which cause jaundice) and human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV); if any of these positive tests shows you cannot became a donor, we will explain why and give you all the advice you need in the strictest confidence.

3. Haemoglobin Screening
Do not worry that giving blood could affect your own health.  We will only collect blood from those who can spare it!  All volunteers are screened to ensure that a donation will not  make them anaemic. This is done by collecting a tiny drop of blood from your finger, the test may show that you cannot spare a full donation on that day. If so, we will tell you what you should do.

Honestly, does it hurt?
Giving blood is normally quick and painless. After haemoglobin screening you’ll be settled on a bed with a band wrapped around your upper arm. The skin on the inside of your elbow will then be thoroughly cleaned.

Next, the band will be tightened just enough to make the veins stand out. A sterile needle is inserted to collect your blood. Most donors are pleasantly surprised at just how soon it’s all over. In about five to ten minutes we’ll have collected 450ml (about a pint). Firm pressure is applied as the needle comes out and a light dressing is placed on the arm once bleeding has stopped.

Is there any risk?
All donations are taken by trained staff. These staff never work without the supervision of a doctor or nurse. Every piece of equipment used is sterile and never used again. There’s no risk of a donor becoming infected in any way.

A very small number of donors sometimes feel a little hot or faint after giving blood, or experience minor bruising where the needle went in, but this is rare and is not generally a cause for concern.

What will I get out of giving blood?
Health screening tests: Every donor undergoes a physical, medical and laboratory
check up, where the blood is screened for all transmittable diseases such as hepatitis B and C HTLV, HIV, malaria and syphilis.

Headache relief:  A number of donors have a higher number of red cells than the normal for natural reasons which increases the viscosity of blood and therefore creates a headache. Donating blood will relieve this symptom.

High blood pressure:  Donating blood will help to reduce the high blood pressure, providing that you do not suffer any complication such as heart diseases.

Helping others: Becoming a donor is an act that benefits many. It is a way of helping others less fortunate than ourselves in our community.

Life after all is the greatest gift that a person can give.

Heart trouble:  Research proved without any doubt that incidents of heart diseases between donors are less than non donors.

Knowing that one has helped in saving someone’s life can give the individual a great feeling of satisfaction and this is a reward in itself.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Free trade zone Kuwait.

This Friday we the members from JPEG Kuwait plan to visit Kuwait free trade zone. to capture some birds photos. but this was not the season for birds. but still some birds we hope. same as all the week ends. wake up early and went to the meeting place..
this time our old members Manoj, sudarshan, Angelito sandeep and me. met there.. the day was nice because the weather was good. and for a surprise, Johny Dao and KyleStanley also joined with us. because of the off season, we didn't get much more photos of birds and we decided to visit there again in winter season . but the meeting was worth. sharing the photographic experience with Kyle and Johny.
check the link for the route

Friday, June 1, 2012

The journey to Mutl'aa ridges Kuwait

It was a longest wish to be there on mutlaa ridges kuwait. we went early morning, me sandeep, manoj, angelito and sudarshan. the day we begin from there.Actually we went to hav sun rise .. but the wind was blowing with sand...

the clay rock mountain at mutalaa. Manoj and Sandeep asked  me to climb to near this one. it was so hard to reach there. because of the angle of the area is very steep and the desert sand ... so loose...thank god.. i got this image from there.

I was wondering there is no sand dunes in kuwait... finally i found this...

Some funny shapes also we ' ve got from here
After the foto shoot on the ridges  we saw some camel breeding near the cave.. because we are on top of kuwait.. the sight seeing will cover more area. then we went to have some camel fotos.
They are very cooperative in front of the photographers. see they are posing for Manoj..:D He become desert  models photographer...:D
Here is the Beauty queen ,Really she likes to posing for me..:P
Another nice one
Walking posture

here is the route map fron salmiya to mutala'a