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Friday, June 1, 2012

The journey to Mutl'aa ridges Kuwait

It was a longest wish to be there on mutlaa ridges kuwait. we went early morning, me sandeep, manoj, angelito and sudarshan. the day we begin from there.Actually we went to hav sun rise .. but the wind was blowing with sand...

the clay rock mountain at mutalaa. Manoj and Sandeep asked  me to climb to near this one. it was so hard to reach there. because of the angle of the area is very steep and the desert sand ... so loose...thank god.. i got this image from there.

I was wondering there is no sand dunes in kuwait... finally i found this...

Some funny shapes also we ' ve got from here
After the foto shoot on the ridges  we saw some camel breeding near the cave.. because we are on top of kuwait.. the sight seeing will cover more area. then we went to have some camel fotos.
They are very cooperative in front of the photographers. see they are posing for Manoj..:D He become desert  models photographer...:D
Here is the Beauty queen ,Really she likes to posing for me..:P
Another nice one
Walking posture

here is the route map fron salmiya to mutala'a


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