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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Motocross championship 2012- 2013 - Kuwait

This is my second year experience in Kuwait motocross championship. last year i had visited all the races in KMRC Bneidar track with one international rally and met one of my old local friend also participated with the Indian Flag,  who is JINAN.
foto by Firosh mohamad
This year the season started,, fotogs are get set ready for actions.
The officials did their job well ..and their behavior to the fotogs were very good and nice approach. Thumbs up to the organizing committee it was an awesome event!; they distributed safety jacket for every freelance fotogs and allow to run besides the track. especially they arranged drinks and snacks for everyone in the field. .after all safety is first. :).

about the riders, they are awesome. no words.. they keep the spirit till the end. and this time race was in a new track. for the fotog point of view the new track is superb..(the new track is located besides 6th ring road and behind pro cart race track. Gate 3&4)
one more specialty i had in this season, in during the first year i had shoot the race alone. i was not aware about the crazy fotogs in Kuwait and they were spread with out any connections. but in this year i have very good fotog friends... to share the moments each other.
fotogs for the day
The minutes
i did some panning tryouts

i think he is around 11 year old.. i met him last years race
waiting for protection
the first bend
angry curve
some clashes..
some confusions...
parallel to the track
had a fantastic motocross day... :D


Hareesh. said...

Shafi .. those panning shot turned out really well, which is sure winner.
as always the pics are stunning indeed!

Magic Hands said...


Blogger Hareesh for the valuable comments.and happy to meet you there.