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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A memorable sunrise in your life.

A memorable event to start a new year! It is indeed a wish come true for me to meet some of the Malayali photographers in Kuwait. I have met old friends and made new acquaintances during the event. The group decided to gather at 5:00am near Kuwait towers  (a well known landmark in Kuwait.). Everyone showed their excitement shooting the very first sunrise of 2015. It is indeed a very successful meeting and we were accompanied by the media as well.
The event was led by the members of Q8Clicks (Malayali photographers in Kuwait)  which was formed 2 years ago. Q8clicks is a small group of photo hobbyists/enthusiast who would normally go for small trips around Kuwait every friday to capture its beauty. The group then decided to recruit more members to spread, learn and share their knowledge to every individuals who shares the same interest.

Below are some of the shots taken during the event. (A very chilly morning!)
The call for the gathering was announced mid of October through Facebook event page and people who are in the group also invited their friends. The participants comprises of birders, products & food photography specialists, landscape photographers, Videographers, Photography trainers/instructors, media profesionals  and beginners as well.
The participants had the chance to introduce themselves in between shoots.   

The picture gallery
VIDEO FOOTAGE by Malayalam television channels.
With the success of this event, I am hoping we could have more gatherings and workshops in the future! Please do add us in Facebook for more information :)  (group link above)

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