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Monday, September 24, 2012


As a blogger i just got an idea of writing something historical for my blog readers.
i would like to start with something near by my local home town.


This Masjid is located at Kodungallur, about 37-km from Thrissur, Kerala INDIA.
This Masjid resembles temple. Built in 628 AD, in Al Hijra 7, that is, 7 years after Prophet's migration to Madina, it is the oldest and First Masjid in India and the second oldest in the world.
I heared in my child age about this Masjid,

is locally supposed that King Cheraman Perumal went to Mecca, embraced Islam and accepted the name Thajuddin. He married the sister of the then King of Jidda and settled down there. Before his death he handed over to the King of Jeddah numerous letters addressed to some rulers of Kerala- India  seeking their help to propagate the tenets of Islam in Kerala. After his death the king came to Kerala and met the Rajah of Kodungalloor who helped him to convert the Arathali temple into a Juma Masjid.

The Very old foto of the Masjid
it is built by malik ibn deenar- an arabic legend.
The renovated look
Inside the old masjid. (still existing)
(The Place for orration and leader ) Mimber & Imam
The renovated view
New look from the street
The miniature of the masjid Displayed in the masjid museum.

There are many historical places in the vicinity of the Masjid. The old palace of the Chera kings and a Mahadeva temple is just 250 metres away from the Masjid. The famous Kodungallur Bhagavathy temple is 2km away and the site where St. Thomas landed in 52 AD is around 5 km away from the Masjid.  (will post after all the informations collected)

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