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Sunday, September 16, 2012

First achievement in fotography

Receiving the gift from Adil Javed, Sponsored by AAB
It was so happy on that day when i nominated to the competition along the group members in Q8 expats photography club with the theme "water" .. first of all the message  i am receiving from Mr Adil Javed 'the founder and coordinator of the group', i was not set for the Action.. but as far as this was my first call to the competition, actually i was not so interested in competitions with my hobby. still i decided to send one image from my shoots. the rules were all against me because the image for the competition should not published before. in my case i always publish my images in Facebook, twitter, Flickr ..and also in my blog. i got one day to submit the image for the competition. thank god.. my last weeks Friday morning shoot experiment was the same theme.. water.... it was a coincidence..
The winning image
me and my photo mates was shoot last Friday .. like splashes, fruit dripping in to the water.. water macro.. etc...most of them i were published on Facebook before.. so i choose one of fruit dripping for the competition.. the image i shoot with my kit lens the 18-55. and used off camera flash the SB600 fired from right side of the subject. shot scene with the fish tank with black back drop @ back side and used the silver reflector  from left side bought from AAB kuwait. thanks sandeep, manoj and sudarshan  for the best support always.
I tried several shots to get a nice one. Thank god.. i have been selected as the winner on that weeks competition.

**Thanks Q8 expats photography club link here
** Thanks Adil Javed & crews for the appreciation.
** Thanks  Ahmed Abul Burghul from AAB kuwait for the gift.

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