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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Al Hamra Tower visit - III

Oct 9, 2013

Once again I got a chance to visit the top floors of Al Hamra Luxury Center, the tallest tower in Kuwait. This time I had a chance to shoot in an open space / balcony of the 60th floor.

Actually it was a surprise visit and I was not aware whether the pass is available or not. I've always wanted to have an access to the top floor in an open area as I wanted to capture the wonderful views from above. A big thanks to all my friends for making it happen. I was a bit sad and frustrated during my previous visit as we only had an access to the 55th & 59th floors. I was not able to get nice photograph results because of the double layered glass walls. (Although we shoot in a dark area, some reflections are present and dirt marks are visible too)  You can check my previous visits here .

I was pretty happy for having this chance again to see Kuwait lighted in colors in an aerial view! I really enjoyed this visit not only with the photos I got but also the moments we had during the photo shoot. Not to mention the new good friends I met which made this visit more enjoyable.

The photo shoot was really quick, because I had several things to do after the visit and the allowed time was a bit less too. So I did some shots quickly and left the place for another days exploration.

Below are some of the evening shots I took:

Credits to all the cool security guys of Al Hamra Tower for giving us the access again :P


Hareesh. said...

Great shots!

Suzy said...

Hi there, you have amazing clicks on your blog,the milky way shoot being the best.But I wanted to ask about the Hamra tower visit.Can anyone approach the guards and ask permission to visit the highest floors? Is there specific timings for this,the eveings or night shoot would be the best? Please kindly email me...thank you...Oh yes,we are planning a family visit with a kid maybe !