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Monday, April 9, 2012

Al Hamra Tower 2012

Recently i got a chance to visit the Al Hamra Tower in Sharq--- The tallest tower in Kuwait. It is a very rare chance for anyone to take photos from there as they are not allowing any photography activities in the top floor. Luckily, prior to its grand opening, i got a chance to take photographs from the top most floor .

Aerial view of Kuwait city from Al Hamra Tower
The weather was very bad when i visited the place. However, I still tried getting a nice view of the far desert of Kuwait.  From the photo above, you can see the Free trade zone area and the Kuwait desert exactly on the opposite side of Kuwait city.

The image above shows the "Spiral Tower" (i don't know the actual name). The tower is one of the tallest building built in Kuwait, however a view from Al Hamra Tower made it look short.  

The new Twin tower in Kuwait..

Green island- a view from Al-hamra
Doha power station from a far view

September 25, 2013

Another great day for me! After almost a year,  i got a chance to visit the top floors in alhamra again and this time we had an approval for a night shooting.

A pre-approval to shoot  at the top floor was acquired that day. I am very excited as I was expecting to shoot from the same area during my first visit. However, because of some security reasons we didn't get access to the place and end up shooting from 55th & 59th floor.
The visit was great. With our naked eyes we enjoyed the view a lot.. But from a photographer's perspective, the trip was not worth because we were only allowed to shoot in glazed area only (Double layered glass wall which gave us reflections and unclear images due to dirt).
Below are some of the photos I took from the 55th floor.

Special thanks to Karengkeng, for the support and for making the evening joyful!

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