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Monday, April 9, 2012

KMRC world motocross 2012 kuwait

After a long break i met him here in Kuwait.... Jinan the rider- our local lard.... I had no idea he is participating this event.

when i reached the race track i saw Indian flag in between several flags.. that time i thought ooh..!! somebody participating from India also??...good.. then i move to the track to capture the whole event... just before finishing the event i hear somebody calling from behind.. i got surprised one of my friend salih he used to came with the Asianet team for covering Jinan's performance... then i got to know Jinan is participating...but time was too late.. his performance is over...i am sad .. because if i knew he is participating .. i would have been more concentrating capturing on him.. but after i reach in home..  while covering the days captures.. waaw..!! i was surprised... i got lot z of nice shots of him... number 50 Green Kawasaki.. i liked it..!!!..

An amazing jump from Jinan

Its him..Drifting again..!!

finished..!!.. and gr8 ride...

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