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Monday, April 9, 2012

Smoke Photography

Recently i experienced the smoke photography.. tried  a Lott finally i got some nice results. here i used my bosses Sb 600 speed light. and his velbon tripod.
The equipments needed for smoke photography:
Camera of course...
Flash with wireless trigger
Studio lighting not needed. but if there is studio lighting... will be awesome..
Smoky things such as cigar smoke stick etc.. 
Black backdrop.
An open mind :P

On November 30th 2012, me and some friends gathered in their home studio for experiance more with smoke. that day we tried smoke with little studio set up. other than my first attempt, it was pretty good, and give us nice result
Here are some results from that day
the fotos produced that day was better than the first attempt
his black backdrop help us to get more black background
It came out good that is because two things 1)Good team work, 2) shoot in RAW and with a nice Post process  

Finally the experiment was successful had a great time and nice morning tea from there.. :P


Hareesh. said...

Since u posted the preview shot early this week, i was waiting for this post coz i know u always save the best for the last and u didn't disappoint. :)
Amazing lighting and the contrast makes the smoke pop out of the screen.

Magic Hands said...

thanks hareesh for your valuable validation....i delayed this because some of my friends group had arranged a lecture day for smoke photography.

Haroon said...

Excellent shots Magic hand is really blessed with magic ;)

Magic Hands said...

thanks Bro. haroon for visiting, and rated the shots..